Sizzling Plate

Hi Loves!

Maybe I would be bias on this review. Since Sizzling Plate is my no. 1 go-to diner in Megamall. Haha. I never get tired of their Sizzling Liempo. We went to SM Megamall yesterday, and we decided to have dinner at Sizzling Plate.

Please see my verdict:


Sizzling Liempo – Php 130.00 (without drinks)


1 slab of thin liempo cut, 1 cup of rice and side dish of mixed veggies.


Getting in the line and paying your order is quite fast. But you have to wait for atleast 5minutes to get your food.

LOCATIO : SM Megamall Food court

RATING: 4.5/5 
If you are so starving and want to dig in immediately, this is not for you hahaha. You might end up with burnt tongue and lips. You need to cool down it first for atleast 5-10 minutes. Hey! What do you expect, it was served in a sizzling plate. Hahaha. But overall, I so love the sizzling liempo. This is my go-to meal. I will definitely, come back and will try this over and over again.

Disclaimer: Taste is in the tongue of the beholder! It might not be good for me, but it might be good for you.


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